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Hotline - 0907274444

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Phòng kinh doanh - 0917166357

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Phòng kinh doanh - 0906339685

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CSKH - 0906339685

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Máy phun áp lực siêu cao áp

Máy phun áp lực siêu cao áp

(1 đánh giá)

800 bar


12 tháng

Máy phun áp lực siêu cao áp 800 bar Máy phun áp lực siêu cao áp 800 bar diesel

Hotline: 0907274444

Máy phun áp lực siêu cao áp IDROBASE- Italy

The “Monster” among hydro-operating units

Monster 800 bar Diesel is an extract of power, quality and reliability designed and produced for heavy-duty continuous use, in very high pressure. For example:

  • descaling
  • stripping
  • paint removal and washing of ship keel
  • removal of deteriorated concrete
  • hard washing in the agricultural and industrial sectors

Monster 800 bar Diesel is s a hydro-operating unit that allows to be independent from the electric supply. It is designed with the goal of supplying a machine that, for its power, quality and reliability, can be used in the heavy industry and in shipyards.


Technical features

  • Strong frame palletized frame set with painted steel base.
  • Industrial pump with crankshaft, body in die-castaluminium stainless steel head, conical shaft bearings, aluminium alloy connecting rods, forged steel crankshaft, crankshaft sealings in viton, guide pistons in surface-treated cast iron, full ceramic plungers and stainless steel valves
  • Diesel engine, Lombardini, 50 Kw, 67 Hp, 3000 Rpm, 4 cylinders, 2200 cm3, water-cooled.
  • Feeding pump complete with pressure gauge,to assure a steady quantity of water and pressure to the pump in h.p.
  • Pressure gauge.
  • Safety regolation controls monster is completed with a safety valve for high pressure line, adjustament valve to regulate the pressure dimentioned on the operating range.
  • Alarm installed, a sound alrm too low water level in the tank and engine ct-off for lack water to the pump.
  • Water filter with stainless steel cartridge 50 mesh filtration degree.
  • Control panel complete with: starting key, rev indicator rated for 3000 Rpm, manual throttle, time-counter, fuel level gauge. Warning lights to high oil temperature, lou oil pressure, air filter clogged, alternator, glow plugs and emergency head for immediate turning off.
  • H.p. hose, 3/8”, 20 mts with screw quick couplings.
  • Lance complete with gun and shoulder rest with by-pass system and discharge to lose.
  • Rotating nozzle.

Standard equipment

  • H.p. hose, 20 mts with screw quick couplings
  • Lance complete with gun and shoulder rest
  • Rotating nozzle.

Giá: 59.500 Euro 800 bar
và   145.600 Euro 800 bar Diesel

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